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WFH Storage Corner Shelf Wall Fan Bookshelf ROBIN

Original price Rs. 3,790.00
Current price Rs. 2,200.00
Color: Black
WFH Storage Corner Shelf Wall Fan Bookshelf ROBIN -  This is tall and narrow corner shelf perfect for storing books, movies, or artful accents without taking up too much square footage. It is entirely user friendly and designed in simple terms which any layman can install. With multi tiering shelves, it helps you to transform your corner space into storage solutions. The free-standing design is lightweight & portable, making it convenient to move around when arranging, organising or cleaning.

Product Features:
A Perfect Corner Shelf: It fits nicely against the wall and doesn't occupy too much floor space. Its curved design gets comfortably fit in your wall corner to transform useless space into shelving space.
Spacious Shelves: Shelves are deep enough to hold some photos, houseplants, and travel collectables, or you can use the shelf as a bookcase.
Space Optimized Design: Our design team keeps the spaces in current homes and offices in mind while designing and finalizing the products which makes them ideal to fit on the go.
Sturdy Yet Light Material: Made of high quality engineered wood, our products are sturdy in nature and gives you company for good many years to come.
Ease of Shifting: With our easy DIY (Do-It-Yourself) assembly products you can easily dissemble your furniture and shift it anywhere you wish.