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Enhance the beauty of your restrooms with this series of cubicle systems. This 12 mm shoe box up series gives your restroom area an elegant, contemporary and clean look. Laminates for these cubicles come in magnificent colours and designs with stainless steel top rails that provide stability and strength. All accessories like hooks, hinges and door knobs are in stainless steel. This series works well for high end commercial spaces, specialty hospitals, spas and club houses.
• SS Shoe Box (Grade 316) provided in this series is anchored to the floor so that mid/end pilasters could be fixes on them.
• The pilaster is supported by L-bracket floor anchor bolt witch is concealed with 100 mm high SS Shoe Box
• The Shoe Box provides floor clearance of 100 mm.
• The top rail (SS Grade 304) is fixed to maintain alignment of all pilasters (mandatory in 12 mm model)
• Intermediate Panels (partitions) are fixed to rear wall and mid pilaster through SS U-channels.
• Maintaining the floor clearance of 100 mm, each door is mounted on mid/end pilaster with 3 hinges.
• Each door has one coat hook and door knob affixed.
This includes 600mm door size (width) made of heat, bacteria, water, chemical, scratch, impact and anti bacterial resistant 12mm thick solid compact laminate panels tested by national test house. Finish of with approved texture/shade as per the detail drawings & as per IS 2046 (Indian Standard) and as per Gravity Hinges with a clearance height upto 150mm.

Total cubicle hight from ground - 1870mm
Cubicle depth-1550mm
Pilaster height -1860mm
Pilaster width -150/300mm
Door height -1860mm
Door width -600mm
Top rail height -55mm
Bottom gap -150mm
HPL Thickness-12mm